How to Build a Dynamic Dropdown Component in React – React Compound Component Pattern Explained

Dropdowns have been an important part of websites and apps for a long time. They're an unsung heros of user interactions, silently facilitating countless...

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Function Components vs Class Components in React – With Examples

In React, there are two primary ways to create components: function and class components. Each has its own syntax and use cases, although with the...

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Converting Plain Text To Encoded HTML With Vanilla JavaScript

What do you do when you need to convert plain text into formatted HTML? Perhaps you reach for Markdown or manually write in the element tags yourself. Or maybe you have one or two...

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Zawinski’s Law in software development

Why software development is a constant balancing act between adding new features and maintaining simplicity and usabilityContinue reading on UX Collective »

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Bionic dreams and bureaucratic nightmares

The gap between tech’s promise and reality — fixing healthcare for people with limb differences benefits everyone.Continue reading on UX Collective »

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New accessibility gaps in design—what have sighted people missed?

On VoiceOver, ALT image length, and why we design like blind people rarely use phones. Interview with the blind chess legend.Continue reading on UX Collective »

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Remembering Daniel Kahneman in our UX practice

10 ideas I’ve learned from Thinking Fast and SlowContinue reading on UX Collective »

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The most critical lesson about Data: think indirectly

Data can be your competitive edge as a Designer, if you understand how to think about it.Continue reading on UX Collective »

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Can’t speak to your users? Here’s what you can try

User research is at the heart of human-centered design, but it’s not always possible to speak to users. Here are five things to do instead.Continue reading on UX Collective...

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How IKEA adapted its design to China

What does understanding cultural needs mean for experience success?Continue reading on UX Collective »

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Honest AI, women in tech, Futura reimagined, UX portfolio tips

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Using a single dimension scale for all numbers in your UI designs

How to use dimension scale in your design system effectively to boost consistency, designer-developer collaboration, & minimize errorsContinue reading on UX Collective »

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Learn WebSockets with Socket.IO

WebSockets a critical technology in the development of real-time applications such as live notifications, multiplayer games, and real-time chats. We just...

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Quincy's 5 freeCodeCamp Resources Worth Your Time Email – You Need to Re-subscribe Real Quick

I've been sending my "5 freeCodeCamp resources worth your time" for 8 years now. That's nearly 400 emails that I've authored and sent out over the years....

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How to Set a Different Location to Save All Screenshots on macOS

If you're coming to macOS from a different operating system (like Windows or Linux), it might feel odd that, by default, macOS saves screenshots in the...

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How to Deploy a Next.js App Using and Tigris

In this tutorial, you're going to learn about the app deployment platform and the globally distributed S3-compatible object storage service Tigris. ...

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Learn RAG from Scratch – Python AI Tutorial from a LangChain Engineer

Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) can be extremely helpful when developing projects with Large Language Models. It combines the power of retrieval systems...

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How to Use JSON Web Tokens for Secure Authentication in Flask Applications

Passwords, credit card information, personal identification numbers (PINs) – these are all critical assets used for authorization and authentication. This...

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C Print String – How to Print a String in C

Printing strings is a fundamental operation in programming. It helps you output information, inspect and debug your code, and display prompts to users. In...

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Applied Data Science: A / B Testing

A/B testing is a key technique used in data science for making data-driven decisions in business. We just published a course on the YouTube...

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How To Monitor And Optimize Google Core Web Vitals

The three Core Web Vitals metrics don’t only tell you how visitors experience your website but also impact your Google search result rankings. In this article, we’ll look at what...

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A field guide to operationalizing product discovery

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